“Rock on!” hand gesture in American Sign Language 🤘 —Source: Teen Vogue

Transcribing ASL into written language will provide an opportunity to give the unvoiced a voice to be heard.

Authors: Andrew Han, Hao He, Matthew Ruffner, Ali Sayyed, Marshall Wurangian, Dian Zhao, Qinwen Zhou


Artificial Intelligence has increasingly become ubiquitous throughout all aspects of life. Whether it is to automate processes or perform specific tasks, Artificial Intelligence exists to help people with their problems. In practice, however, A.I. has a reputation for not being inclusive of all people. Inherently, machines only work according to how humans program them to. Therefore, A.I is notorious for being biased against marginalized people, including people with disabilities.

Around 48 million Americans (15% of the total population) have some degree of hearing loss. There…

Everything is automated nowadays. Instead of having manual screenings, why not have a system that automatically detects face mask usage?

Authors: Tairan Deng, Alexandre Nicolaï, Troy Walton, Marshall Wurangian

Face Recognition Technology in Use — Source: National Geographic

In the era of Covid-19, masking up and social distancing have become the new norm. Indoor places, such as restaurants and grocery stores, are legally required to put in place rules for mandatory face mask usage. Having a worker manually screen every person to ensure their mask is on just defeats the purpose of limiting contact with people as much as possible.

The sophistication of TensorFlow and the OpenCV library have made it possible to create an automated solution to address this issue that will not only maximize efficiency and ensure…

Marshall Wurangian

Master of Science in Business Analytics Student at the University of Texas at Austin

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